Duration: 4 days
Batch Dates Location / Mode Timing Fees Students
2023-12-20 prabha arcade, ayyikarapadi, kaithkunda - Physical and Practical Training 8:00 am 3900 0
2024-01-10 prabha arcade, ayyikarapadi, kaithkunda - Physical and Practical Training 8:00 am 3900 0
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Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR)

Features of the course
Eligibility This course is for existing seafarers holding Continuous Discharge certificate (CDC) to undergo individual basic safety training course. Indian CDC is mandatory. B-SID is not applicable for freshers. It is mandatory for all seafarers with CDC For Freshers, those who are obtaining these certificates for the first time will have to obtain combined certificate for all four basic STCW courses(BST Course). Non-Indian Participants need to hold a Student Visa to India to undergo the course. CDC and INDOS Number is Mandatory Documents Required Indian CDC (Mandatory) Vaccination Certificate- 2nd Dose (Soft Copy) has to be submitted In case the participant holds the 1st Dose of Vaccination Certificate OR the Vaccination is not done, the RT PCR test has to be taken 48 hrs prior to the practical date. (RTPCR Test is required if a single dose of Covisheild or Covaxin is taken) As Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is a single-dose vaccine, candidates will be allowed for attending the practicals without an additional RTPCR test As per DGS Order 20 of 2020, Successful Completion of E-Learning Modules through the DGS website is mandatory to get Digital Certificate for all DG approved Courses. However, Elearning can be completed prior or after the Virtual Classes. Details Certificate Validity: UNLIMITED (As per DGS Order 40 of 2020) As per DGS Order 11 of 2022, the exit exam has to be given only in the MTI. In case the candidate fails in the exit exam, they can give the exit exam on the following working day at the MTI. Kindly make the travel arrangements accordingly. Dress Code : Collarless T.Shirts, Shorts, Sandals, Bathroom slippers are not permitted for Physical Classes D. G. Shipping mandates a minimum batch strength of 25%. In the event that the number of participants in the course reduces due to withdrawals, causing the batch strength to fall below 25% of the batch capacity, the course would be postponed without any additional charges.